Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Ryunosuke is 1

It doesn't seem possible that over a year ago I did this little boy's mom's
maternity session and then his newborn pictures. Now a year later and look
at him! This is Louis. His Japanese name is Ryunosuke.
He greeted me with this great big smile, that made my day.
Louis and his mom and dad just returned from Japan for his first visit.
He got a chance to meet with relatives he had yet to meet, and I'm sure
they were happy to get a chance to spend time with him.

He was very curious about the camera. A lot of the time he would be right up
on me, checking things out. I'm sure he's used to the camera though cause his
dad takes alot of photos of him as well.
This little world traveler is soon going to be taking a trip to France with his parents
to visit with some friends. What a lucky little boy. We talked about the importance
of traveling with our young children and how we wanted them to have thoseĀ 
experiences in life.
Ami and Totti are expecting their second baby in January, so they are
looking forward to having two young babies to care after.