Monday, September 28, 2009
Samantha and J.D. Get Hitched:

Saturday's downpour didn't rain on the emotions and happiness between J.D. and his bride Samantha. Their wedding and reception was held at The Columbus Athenaeum in downtown Columbus.

J.D. and the guys having some fun before the ceremony..

This says it all right here....Samantha's shoes...she actually went barefoot for the ceremony, and then wore these lovelies for the reception.

I love weddings with a bit of something different to's a great opportunity to show
who you are as a couple on your wedding day. Samantha and her bridesmaids all had these
colorful shoes that went with their cool is that!

Samantha and her mom getting her veil in place just before the ceremony.

Samantha's gown was just gorgeous..I loved the detail in it.

Even though the weather was not that pleasant, we managed to get a couple of photos
outside in the rain and they still worked it out!

Love it!

Love and's all in good fun..

Thanks so much for having us share in your wedding day.....we had so much fun! Best wishes to you both!


Friday, September 25, 2009
Road Trip To Circleville....

I took a drive down to Circleville on Wednesday to photograph this group of cousins together. Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner, so their mom's, who are three sisters had their kids get together for some
early holiday family photos.

What would Circleville be without a Pumpkin in a shot....home of the biggest pumpkin show each year!

Darbi is 13, and her brother Greg is 10

Ellie is 11 and her brother Grant is 9.

Abby is 8 and her brother Wyatt is 5.

What are the odd's that three sisters would have a boy and girl each, and a daughter
for their first born as well.....that's about to change soon, as there is an addition to the
family coming soon......what's it gonna be?!!

These guys are are the best of pals, they truly enjoy one another's company.

And no doubt the girls will be there for one another as they all get older.

Yep, you guessed it, Wyatt is the clown of the family.....he was making faces for me the whole session...this one's just for you!!

No time like the present to get a head start on your holiday photos.....this bunch can cross that off their list!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Pig Tails and Silly Grins...

Tuesday evening I met up with the The W Clan at Creekside in Gahanna. Last time I saw them, little Elizabeth wasn't even walking yet....but now she's all over the place.

She's got places to roam........

Ashlyn is looking older.....don' they grow so fast!

Both big sis's Ashlyn and Isabelle are character's, always making funny faces. I don't know who is the bigger ham, but I have a feeling that Elizabeth is going to follow in her sister's foot steps.

She's too cute either way!

The girls liked watching the ducks in the many different birds to see.

Need I say more?

This year marks their 10th wedding anniversary......what a way to celebrate
than by updating with some recent photos......Happy Anniversary!
May you celebrate many more to come!


Monday, September 21, 2009
Family W

Sunday morning I met up with some familiar faces and some new with
Family W. We met at one of their houses in Plain City and spent some time
in their lush back yard in the woods.

It all began with these two, Craig and Jane. I always enjoy getting to meet the family, it's
a chance to get to know my clients a bit better and build that bond. And it's always fun just to
spend some time with the family and get a chance to talk with them.

The sons with their wives, from L to R, Jackie and Aaron and Michelle and Adam.

Michelle and Adam have two sons, Austin who is 7 and Alex who is 4.

Jackie and Aaron's kids, who have frequented this blog as I've watched them growing, Emily and Ethan.

Ethan and the gang getting down to some 'Boom Boom Pow'....that's a popular song amongst babies!





Ethan watching is big sis jumping wasn't long till he joined in on the fun.

Austin taking the rest of the clan for a ride in the woods on his 4-Wheeler.......what fun!

Don't they make a beautiful family!

We ended the session with a little fun. Everybody got a chance to ride on the Zip-Cord Line in the back yard..some with little hesitation, and some, with a little push, but everyone enjoyed it when they got to the other side. One might ask if I took a ride on it of those things
where I'd like too, but I'm not big on heights and I didn't want to be stuck in their tree huddled in the fetal position.....ok ok, that is the extreme, but no, I'm a big chicken. I didn't do it. Maybe next time........