Saturday, February 20, 2010
Cape Otway and The Twelve Apostles
Catching back up on our journey in Australia, we made a visit to The Cape Otway Lighthouse, or Lightstation as it is called. It is the oldest surviving lighthouse on the mainland. The light house has been working since 1848 and sits out over the cliffside.
I couldn't help but to laugh...upon entry into the park area, you cannot see the lighthouse.
Even upon going into the shop where you purchase your tickets you still couldn't see it.
They send you through this red door, that opens up to the outside and it was like a totally
different make the small trek to the cliff and there stands the light house.

We made the climb to the top and while it was breathtaking, it was very windy and cold, so I think I was taking in the view quickly and then back down to the bottom again.

Our next stop was one I'd been looking forward too for the nearly 25 years that Sarah and I have been friends....The Twelve Apostles. Once called 'The Sow and Piglets', the settlers renamed it The Twelve Apostles after the disciples of Jesus. Over the year's erosion has taken down many of the towering limestone pillars. One of the popular sites of the area was even having erosion the day we visited, so if your ever in the area this is a must see. They might not
be around much longer.
Sarah was as happy as a little girl during her visit.....
I have to say, I wish I could have experienced the sun rise or set while here. I was taking it all in so much so that I didn't nearly document it the way I had hoped when I finally got to visit. That is the hard part sometimes...when you always have the camera in front of your face, sometimes you just want to take it in and put the camera down for a was worth it.

It was nice to get a couple of group shots of us all'll be fun watching the kids growing up over the years to come. Stay tuned for more photos from Australia coming soon.....


Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Age Photo Blocks
Over the weekend, I met with Rachel. She has a growing business, WWW.AGEPHOTOBLOCKS.COM. She creates these great blocks that will
document a childs age from the first week, to the years to come. We all know kids grow so fast, and this is a great idea to keep track of the years that go by so quickly.
Rachel's daughter Madison, who is not new to this blog is now 22 month's old...
This is a wonderful gift for a mommy-to-be.

The blocks come with with two blocks with the number combinations and a block for Weeks, Months, and Years.
Rachel is updating her website, so we had some models pose with the blocks...this little baby was so tiny.....but a sweet little baby.

You know me, my weakness for babies...had to grab a couple more photos of this little gal.....

A photo with her Mommy and Daddy.
Madison and Rachel were singing 'Patty Cake'...she's too cute with her'll see more of her later this spring........when this snow finally melts! So check out Rachel's site for a great, unique gift!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Along The Great Ocean Road.......

During our two night stay at Apollo Bay, Australia, we stayed in two cabins, it was such a relaxing and enjoyable time with our friends. The kids played together and watched a movie or two in the down time, while the adults took in the sights and caught up.

On our first full day in the area, we had a busy day planned out.....we saw so many great things. It was something to see the dramatic views of the winding road along the ocean, to the
inland roads that took you through the country landscape.......

We reached our first destination at Maits Rest Rainforest Walk. Located in the Cape Otway region, it was a wonderful way to start the morning with a nice hike.

Not what Marty wanted to see........

Ephram get's a lift from Craig, while Sarah and the girls strike a pose...

After a little while in the Rainforest, we got back in the car and made our way to the next eyes were looking high for that little special someone I've come to love over the years....the Koala. It was Eucalyptus tree's galore. We drove into this open park, and drove for some time, looking and looking...when all of the sudden I spotted it. I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement.

Now granted, this is not my first experience seeing a Koala, as we have them
at our Zoo, but this was in the wild. This dense populated area of Eucalyptus
trees boasted of Koala after Koala.......I was as happy as a little girl.

The money shot........I could have gone home after this shot. Okay, I kid, I had
more to see and do......but I was pretty happy upon finding this little guy, he was
close to the ground having a snack and I got up a bit closer. It was hard to not go
reach up and grab him and love him and cuddle him and squeeze him.......but I didn't.
As Sarah as told me many times before, they are not the nicest of creatures, but they
sure are pretty darn cute!

More coming soon from Australia....


Sunday, February 14, 2010
And the winner is................
WOW.......What a weekend this has been. My e-mail has been flooded with your votes. Each couple should be so proud at all the votes that came in for them. This has been a very close, neck an neck contest. In the end, I had over 500 votes for these lovely couples...

I just want to thank you all again for participating in this contest and your kind words. I look forward to working with this couple and sharing in their special day.
This has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it again next
year, so be sure to check back if your getting married in 2011!

But now....what you've all been waiting for...............

Wait for it......................

Wait for it......................................

Just a bit more anticipation..........



Thursday, February 11, 2010
Final Three.......
This is so exciting for me.....I don't know who is more excited, me or the couples who have entered into the contest. Firstly, thanks to all of you who entered. Your stories have been very touching, they have made me smile and some have made me cry, but the bottom line is two people in love.....

The winning couple will be chosen by YOU, the blog is up to you and your friends and family to send in your votes to me at KAMA@CANDIDKAMA.COM One vote per person please...all you need to do is cast your vote for couple #1, #2, or #3. Voting ends at 5pm on Sunday, Feb 14th. The announcement will be made of the winning couple at 8pm on Sunday, Feb 14th.
In subject line, please put Vote for Free Wedding Photography Give-Away.

The AMOUR Package includes:
Engagement Session
Engagement Sign-In Album
Up to six hours coverage from Candid Kama Photography
DVD of edited images
Online Gallery of all images
Make-Up Services provided by Jade of Bella Bride

Without further are the three finalists and their stories........

#1 Chelsea and Brandon

I'm writing to nominate my little sister, Chelsea, and my soon to be brother-in-law, Brandon, for your wedding photography giveaway! First, I'll give some background on the beautiful couple . . . Chelsea and Brandon went to middle and high school together, but their story did not start there. Although they were in the same grade, in the same small school, their paths rarely crossed since they ran in different circles. Alas, both graduated and went their separate ways, one to college and the other to a full time job. But as fate would have it, the two would meet again on the streets of their hometown one Fall evening. Brandon was driving through downtown when Chelsea, who was out with friends, recognized him at a stop light. With a little bit of liquid courage, Chelsea called out Brandon's name in an effort to gain his attention. Brandon more than a little confused he waved hello and pulled over. A week after that night the two went on their first date, which ended with a moonlight dance outside her dorm.

Five years (to the day) later, Brandon got down on one knee and asked Chelsea to make him the happiest man in the world by being his wife.

Towards the end of an unforgettable summer, my now husband Mike, proposed to me. After all the tears and laughter had subsided, he told me there was one more surprise. He told me Brandon was also going to ask Chelsea to marry him. Excited and shocked I asked how he knew, when he was going to do it, etc. I needed all the details!

He explained that unbeknownst to either of them, both guys were shopping for rings from the same jeweler at the same time, literally working with the same saleswomen. During a softball game, Mike told Brandon he was going to pop the question to me before I left for school, Brandon looked stunned and then told Mike he was going to ask Chelsea the same thing. Both had planned to ask our father permission to marry us the following day at a family picnic. As Mike and Brandon talked through the logistics of two sisters getting engaged at the same time, they soon came to realize each of their girls deserved our own time to bask in the glow of engagement. So Brandon graciously stepped aside and told Mike to ask me. After a long four months of waiting, with a ring in his pocket, Brandon was finally able to give my sister the surprise of her life!

While Mike and I planned the wedding of our dreams for the following Fall, Chelsea and Brandon's dreams took a backseat. Because our parents weren't able to give both of us a wedding in the same year, Chelsea and Brandon would have to wait over two years from their engagement to get married. Throughout our planning my sister always had a smile on her face and was first person to offer help. She put on her brave bridesmaid gameface and never mentioned her own wants or needs. While I tried on wedding gowns, tasted cake, and picked out flower arrangements, my sister with a ring on her finger smiled and made me feel like I was the only bride in the world. Mike and I got married on October 24, 2009 with Brandon and Chelsea by our sides. And now we would love for nothing more than to give them all the love, help, and encouragement they gave to us.

Nominated by Chelsea's sister, Kiera.

#2 Alex and Joe

We officially met in 2003. However, we both moved to Ohio in 1997 (Joe moved from California and I moved from Florida ) and went to the same middle school. Although we went to the same middle school and high school, we never spoke! My freshman year of college, we met through a mutual friend, Justin. We didn't talk much then either, but one day, I had just left the drive-thru at Taco Bell with my friend Anne and Joe happened to pull up after us with his friend, Mike. He yelled out his window and I went over to his car. He asked for my number, which I put on a napkin and told him not to sneeze on it (or else he'd lose my number!) Joe called the very next day and we arranged to meet at Comm Fest that afternoon. We met there with our friends, Anne and Matt, and the rest, is history.

Joe joined the Marines four years ago. He went to Iraq for 10 months and came home in 2008. He is currently stationed in Twentynine Palms, California. He was able to come home this past Christmas for a month, but I'd been working every day since he got home. He kept trying to make plans to go to the zoo (which I later found out was because he wanted to propose there under the Christmas lights), but I kept picking up shifts at work. Finally, on Christmas, we went to CVS to pick up some sugar. While we were sitting in the parking lot, Joe couldn't wait any longer and proposed, in typical Joe fashion. So, we got engaged pretty similar to the way we met, outside in a parking lot; I couldn't have asked for a better proposal!


We've been through a lot as a couple, but we made it through everything - we're finally getting married to seal the deal! Being able to have the pictures to show how much we love each other is very important to me. I came across your studio on The Knot, I liked what I saw and I was even more excited when I saw that you were holding a contest. We are on an incredibly tight budget; although I did tell my sister that I'd sacrifice flowers, the transportation, bridal shower, alcohol - anything - to be able to get nice pictures. While I have no problem sacrificing these things, I would truly love the opportunity to get some assistance by winning your contest. On the financial aspect of this, I am also a diabetic and am currently with very poor health insurance. I've had some complications and am currently trying to pay off a hospital visit and ambulance call from December and January. I am sure that I will be able to set up payment plans, but having these large expenses has most definitely cut into our wedding budget and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nominated by Alex.



In September of 2006, Anya's fairytale came true and she married her best friend. They had known each other since high school and had grown up together. They went through so much together in the short year and a half that they dated, fighting a demon beyond their control. You see, when she married Michael in 2006, he was in the midst of the fight of his life, literally. Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, had completely consumed his body. Michael had been in active treatment for over two years. The summer before they married, the outlook was great. His body was healing and his doctors were optimistic. Either way, nothing was going to stop them from living their life and fulfilling their dreams. On October 10, 2006, eleven days after their wedding, life took a dramatic turn for the worse. On a routine trip to the oncologist for his monthly chemotherapy treatment, Michael was told that his body could not handle any more treatment, and that his cancer was spreading. Over the next six months, Michael and Anya sought any and all alternative treatments, praying for a miracle. On April 3, 2007, four days after their six month wedding anniversary, Michael lost his battle with cancer.

Two days prior, on April 1, 2007, hundreds of miles away, Robert was speaking in front of family and friends as he and his three siblings said a final good-bye to their mother. After battling years of drug abuse and mental illness, Bobbie Sattely’s life tragically ended, leaving behind her four children. Robert was no stranger to tragedy however, his life until the age of 12 was spent running from his mother’s drug dealers and moving from place to place, living in motels or staying with any family they could find. The children were finally moved out of their mother’s custody, and all went to live with different families. Robert struggled to get through high school, and at one point even dropped out. With the help and guidance of a generous family who took him in at his lowest point, Robert not only graduated high school, but went on to study abroad in Germany and was accepted to Hocking College as a nursing student.

After two years of soul searching and healing, and inspired by what she had been through, Anya decided to begin nursing school at Hocking College. While sitting in clinical math class, Anya and Robert struck up a great friendship and became nursing study partners. After two months of great conversation, coffee shop study sessions, and romantic dates, there was no denying the feelings they had for one another. The tragedy these two had both been through in their life, led them to meet the love of their life. Robert and Anya knew what it meant to be truly in love, and to never ever take that love, or life, for granted. They enjoy each other more and more with every passing day. They share the same hopes and dreams, and long to have the happy and fulfilled life they have always sought out.

The week of Christmas, 2009, Robert proposed to Anya, and she of course, said yes.

They exemplify living life to the fullest, making beauty out of tragedy and loving without measure.

Nominated by Anya

Congrats to you all, and good luck!



Today is the day.....the final three contestants will be announced tonight right here on the blog at 7pm. Thank you to all of you that entered into the contest for free wedding photography from Candid Kama Photography and make up services from Bella Bride on your wedding day.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Free Wedding Photography Give Away 2010
I am pleased to announce that I'm going to be offering my services to provide one lucky couple their wedding
photography, FREE!!! That's right....FREE!! Who doesn't love that? This is my way to say thanks to all those I've
worked with in the past and to show how grateful I am for being able to do what I love.

I know that planning a wedding is not exactly inexpensive and money is tight these days, so to help
out, I want to take away a bit of that wedding planning stress.

The AMOUR Package includes:
Engagement Session
Engagement Sign-In Album
Up to six hours coverage from Candid Kama Photography
DVD of edited images
Online Gallery of all images
Make-Up Services provided by Jade of Bella Bride

Yea, ladies, you read right........this packages offers a little something extra!! You and your bridal
party can have your make up done by Jade who does such beautiful work!!

-Couples may nominate themselves, or can be nominated by another person.
-Couples cannot be previously booked with another photographer and break contract.
-Couple must have a wedding date set for 2010. Only valid if I'm not previously booked.
-Wedding Must be in the state of Ohio.

In subject line, please put Nomination for Free Wedding Photography Give-Away.
-E-mail how couple met, engagement story and why they deserve to win this contest.
-Send a Digital Photo of the happy couple.
-Wedding Date and Location of wedding.
-Couples contact information.
-All Couples must agree to having their story put on the blog if chosen for the final three.
-Be Creative!!

-I will choose the three couples for the final vote and post their story on February 11th
-Voting begins Thursday, February 11th at 9a.m.-February 14th at 5p.m.
-The winning couple will be announced at 8pm on February 14th
-Voting will be conducted by your family and friends and those that follow the blog, and the
winners will be chosen by those that got the most votes.
-To submit your vote e-mail me at KAMA@CANDIDKAMA.COM in the subject line it must say 'AMOUR'.
-Name of the couple your voting for.

Good Luck!!


Meet Mason!
This handsome fella is Mason...he's just about three month's old and cute as can be.
I went to his home in Powell where he lives with his mommy and daddy, Tracy and CJ.

Daddy loving.....that's just so precious......

Mason was a natural in front of the camera, he was very curious about that big black object in
front of his face.

A new foot fetish fave.......

Looking over these photos of Mason makes my heart melt...just want to grab him up
and cuddle him.

And that cute is that!

I've had the pleasure of working with Tracy and CJ before, having shot their awesome engagement session and their wedding. I love seeing the progression of love, marriage and family. Doesn't get any better than that.

Mason, you give me baby fever........

Tracy radiates her happiness.

Congrats CJ and Tracy! You've been blessed with a handsome little boy.
It was wonderful to see you both again!