Monday, August 31, 2009
Sarah and Dave's Wedding Day...
The wedding day started off in the Presidental Suite at The Hilton at Easton this
past Saturday. Sarah's dress laid out in anticipation of the big moment. A beautiful
gown for a nice summer garden wedding.

Yes, that's the groom seeing his bride before the wedding.....stealing a private moment together before getting her dress on.

Sarah and her bridemaid's had their make up done by the fabulous Jade from Bella Bride
(WWW.BELLABRIDEONLINE.COM) She always does such awesome work and is a pleasure to
work with. All the girls looked so beautiful!

All dressed and ready to go.............

Can't forget about the cute little flower girl....

From the hotel, I traveled in the limo with Sarah and her bridemaids to The Park Of Roses for their wedding ceremony. This little cutey was wiped out before the ceremony even began, so Sarah scooped her up and she took a little nap in her arms. It was too cute.

Ahh yes, tis a fine day when there is a Bagpiper know I'm as happy as can be!! Jeff Linn did a wonderful job presenting the bride and her father to Dave during their walk to the ceremony....if your interested in having a Bagpiper for a wedding or other events, you can check Jeff out at WWW.BAGPIPER-JEFFLINN.COM

The exchange of vows....

Future bride in the making......

A kiss for the bride....

It turned out to be such a beautiful day. The day before it had rained so much and it
was a question of what the day would be like, but it was perfect.

The reception was held at J. Liu in Worthington. The bride and groom enjoyed spending time with their family and friends and enjoying their new status. Congrats!


Friday, August 28, 2009
Down On The Farm:

On Thursday evening I got to spend some time with the Shoemaker family on their beautiful
farm in Croton. Kathy and John were gracious enough to allow me to use her farm and horses a few weeks ago for senior portrait, so she asked if I'd come back out and do some photos of her family.

The whole bunch.....

Ahh, the things I adore about the country, open fields, animals, plants, sunflowers, clean, fresh air, I could go on and on......

Their son Josh and his wife Bryn. Josh and I talked old barns and such and Bryn and I shared our love of photography together.

The children...Michael is 12

Megan is 6

And Dylan is 3 1/2 years old and a poser to boot! I learned from mom that he will do opposite of what you want him to the challenge was to tell him not to look at the camera and he was all about having his photo taken.

Remember these two beautiful horses, Roscoe and Walter.......

Roscoe going to see what Dylan is up too.

Don't look at the camera!

Dylan and his buddy Grandpa

Some of the family hanging out with Jack the miniture horse and Rowdy, and
believe me, Rowdy lives up to his name!

Perhaps a new Facebook photo?

It was certainly a great time getting to know the family a bit more, and all the animals down on the farm........


Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Blissful Anticiaption.....
Tonight was the perfect setting for a maternity session with Melissa and John who are expecting their
baby this October. We met at Dawes Arboretum in Newark.
Melissa still has a few weeks to go, but thinks she might go early....guess only baby knows the answer
to that question.

This is the point where you start getting antsy, your so close, yet not there just yet. As any parent's to be,
they are looking forward to meeting there baby.
These two just can't take a bad photo. Frame after frame I was beyond happy with
the end result. Caught up in the moment, that's what it's all about.
Yes, I have a thing for baby bumps.......

The beauty behind a child is what becomes a little of you, a little of him. Thinking
about what the baby will look like, what traits will he/she will have, so
many things to dream won't be long until Melissa and John know some
of those answers.

Best wishes to you both with the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy!


Jaylynn and Nathan's Wedding Day!

This past Saturday was the wedding of Jaylynn and Nathan. Most of the time I have met with the bride and groom prior to their wedding, but this was my first time meeting with them. Jaylynn had contacted me a few weeks ago from her home in North Carolina that she was looking for a photographer for her upcoming wedding, how quickly time flies by and the wedding day is here! She was full of excitement for her big day and it was a pleasure to be able to be a part of it.

On the left is Jaylynn's grandmother getting ready for the wedding, and the Bride-To-Be on the right...

Jaylynn, I think you take the cake for the highest heel's I've seen on a bride!

Meantime downstairs, the groom and his men sit back and relax.......

I love this shot of Jaylynn's mom helping her with the dress and her grandmother watching proudly.

Nathan and Jaylynn were married at the beautiful Broad Street Christian Church. Word has it that the church is closing it's doors this year due to lack of members which is very disturbing to hear. And to see such a awesome place not be used anymore is a shame.

The happy couple shortly after the ceremony.

The bridal party consisited of best friends and brother's and sisters, all of whom mean so much to both Nathan and Jaylynn, a great bunch to work with.

The guy's strutting their stuff.

Loving this one........A LOT!

The reception was held at The Buckeye Hall Of Fame which is a great venue for weddings and such.

The couple are spending their Honeymoon in The Bahama's. It was great meeting you both and I'm sure we will meet again one day!!