Friday, August 28, 2009
Down On The Farm:

On Thursday evening I got to spend some time with the Shoemaker family on their beautiful
farm in Croton. Kathy and John were gracious enough to allow me to use her farm and horses a few weeks ago for senior portrait, so she asked if I'd come back out and do some photos of her family.

The whole bunch.....

Ahh, the things I adore about the country, open fields, animals, plants, sunflowers, clean, fresh air, I could go on and on......

Their son Josh and his wife Bryn. Josh and I talked old barns and such and Bryn and I shared our love of photography together.

The children...Michael is 12

Megan is 6

And Dylan is 3 1/2 years old and a poser to boot! I learned from mom that he will do opposite of what you want him to the challenge was to tell him not to look at the camera and he was all about having his photo taken.

Remember these two beautiful horses, Roscoe and Walter.......

Roscoe going to see what Dylan is up too.

Don't look at the camera!

Dylan and his buddy Grandpa

Some of the family hanging out with Jack the miniture horse and Rowdy, and
believe me, Rowdy lives up to his name!

Perhaps a new Facebook photo?

It was certainly a great time getting to know the family a bit more, and all the animals down on the farm........