Thursday, October 1, 2009
Kids Session and The Incident with the Deer:

On Sunday, I met these cute kiddos at Homestead Park in Hilliard on a sunny, but cool day. It's hard to believe it's getting to be sweater season already! This bunch is two sets of a family, both brother and sister each. From LtoR is Drew, Reese, Katie and Nick.

Katie is 8.

Nick is 5.

Reese is 2 1/2

Drew is 1.

Siblings Katie and Nick playing around with one another.

Homestead Park is a great place to have a picnic or bring your family out to play, even great
for a photo session. Lots of neat things to play on like this blue caboose.

Drew was checking out the train....think he was glad he had on his diaper for that uncomfortable train floor he
was sitting on.

Reese and Nick were running around catching the football and chasing one another
when we first got started.

Drew getting a helping hand from Katie.

So I mentioned there was an incident with a deer...yes, once again I seem to have a knack for attracting strange animal behaviors around me...that day just added to my list. This little deer came wondering through the park, and she was obviously very tame. Kids were hand feeding her and you could touch and pet her with no problem. In the midst of my session and trying to capture some photos of the kids doing so, I got down to a crouched position to get a better angle when the deer turned towards me and started walking my way. Before I had a chance to get up, she nuzzled into me, wrapped her legs around me and my camera bag and had her wet nose on my neck....I wasn't expecting to be showered with the affections of a deer that day....unfort. I don't have photos of the 'incident' as I was the lone shooter....but you can see the moment before contact....yes, a good laugh was had by all.