Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Welcome To Australia:

So back in October, we took our family vacation in Australia!! This had been a long time coming for me, and it was well worth the wait. We were headed to the Victoria region to visit with my pen pal of nearly 25 years and her family. This trip was for me, the equivalent of winning a million dollars....I was just so ecstatic to finally make the trip with my two favorite
guys and share this with them. Even today, nearly four months later, I'm still on cloud nine and cannot wait to make the next trip back.

Our trip began in Las Vegas, Nevada where we had just shot two weddings. We made the four hour drive to Los Angeles where we spent the greater portion of our day at
Disneyland before making our way to LAX for our 15+ hour flight to Melbourne.We were fortunate enough to ride on the new Qantas A380 Airbus...it was a fabulous ride. We had taken books and games and such to keep us occupied, but as it turned
out, we didn't need it. We had plenty to keep us going through the flight.

Ocean Grove is where we spent a great deal of time during our trip...near the area of my friends house, a beautiful seaside village area.

Just before our arrival, Geelong's Football team was in the big game of the season. Much like here, the town was covered in team spirit all around. I need to check out an
Aussie Rules Football game next trip....

Since we had technically been going for over 30 hours, not getting much sleep
on the flight, we took it easy upon our morning arrival. We took a walk in Sarah's
neighborhood to visit some horses and just get some fresh air. Here Claire gets a little
help from her mom as Craig watches.

I couldn't resist this shot, Craig and Marty walking with the youngest two, Claire and

The next day after a good long nights sleep, we were eager to get our feet wet and start
seeing the sights. Sarah and I are at the ocean here taking in the views. I've FINALLY
made it!!

I could stand looking at this everyday......

Grace is Craig and Sarah's eldest daughter. She was currently in school during our spring visit, so we didn't get to see her as much as Claire, but we had a lot of fun getting to know her, and she was lucky enough to get some days off school to play with us while we visited. Here she is with her favorite dog Max......more on him later.

And then there is sweet Claire, she got the nic-name real quick from Ephram who for whatever reason called her 'Baby' and it stuck. Still today he only calls her that and it's too cute. I think he
made a love connection.

Craig and Sarah took us to a local restaurant called The Piping Hot Chicken, I have to say this place was the bomb......it was soooooo good! We had to go back a second time
before coming home.

After lunch Eprham caught a nap.......

Guess he has that effect on people........

I got to celebrate my 3_th birthday while in Australia, so to celebrate, I started my
morning off with a wonderful gift from my friends with a massage as the local spa.
For dinner that night, we were taken back to the ocean to dine at The Dunes. It was a
wonderful celebration, just wish I would have been a little more awake at that time.

It didn't take long to see how much of an artistic culture Melbourne boasts of,
it was all over.....such beautiful pieces. So many different kinds of art with relation
to the area.

Grace and Claire having a bit of sisterly love before dinner at The Dunes.

There is plenty more to come on our visit to Australia. It's taken me this long
to get to editing my own personal photos and blogging about it. Taking a three
week vacation in the busy season really threw me back, but it's been great
looking back on the photos and the memories to relive. More coming soon!