Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Desiree and Ryan's E-Session

Despite the bitter cold, Desiree and Ryan were up to braving the cold weather
conditions on the campus of OSU. And troopers they were...makes for
great snuggle weather in my book!!

Ryan and Desiree both attended OSU and enjoy coming back for visits. They
live in Cleveland where they will have their wedding this fall.

Desiree was full of spunk...I love it when people can just let loose a little and have fun
with the camera....show your personality, it just makes it that much better.

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

From Mirror Lake, we took a drive over to their favorite campus bar, Out-R-Inn Bar to warm up a bit and play a little game or two. They still enjoy making a stop in when they are in town to visit.

October 23rd to be exact.......congrats and enjoy the planning, it'll
all be done before you know it!!


Blogger Lorraine said...
Oh my gosh, these pictures are great! I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. It was fun to see action shots of you inside and outside just having fun. I especially love the shots in front of the chalet-looking house and around the pool table.

What a cute couple who definitely look very much in love!

Can't wait to see the rest!!

Blogger John said...
Am I the only one that thinks these two look like professional models. Truly a picture perfect couple.
Crongratulations again,
Uncle John