Monday, March 1, 2010
The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk
As we continued our journey in the Cape Otway region of Australia, we made a stop at The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. A refreshing hike through the lush rainforest bought us to the entry of the walkway. I'll admit, I had a bit of hesitation as I am not a big fan of heights. That
doubles in fear when I can see below me.....but I figured this was an opportunity I might not get to experience again.
One of the great things I loved about our time Down Under was seeing so many of the
Australian animals in their natural habitat. Beautiful birds were found all around. So vibrant in color and unique.

As you start to make your way up the bridges that lead to the tower in the sky, you start to get an idea just how high up your going. The Otway Fly is about 600 meters long, which is about a third of a mile. The tower stands at about 82 feet above the tree line.

Poor Marty was carrying Ephram most of the way, guess he wanted the higher vantage point.

The stairwell that goes up the tower twists around and around....almost to the point of making you dizzy, but you have to sort of keep going as other visitors are behind you and then those coming back down. As you can see, there is not a lot of room for one person let alone two at a time.....not for the faint of heart........
Marty bracing can feel the movements on the top of the tower, just like the swaying trees below you..
As we made our way back down to the ground below us, we came across a tree stump that has become a bit of a game. Many have tried to toss a coin onto the stump, but many fail, as the ground below shimmered with coins. Marty had a try but didn't make it, but Craig got it on the first try.

Stay tuned for more photos from Australia!