Thursday, February 10, 2011
Free Wedding Photography Finalists:
The day has finally arrived and I get to announce the finalists who have been nominated into the Free Wedding Photography, as well as hair and make up services provided by Bella Bride and Tracie Holdren. I want to thank everyone who entered the contest. This is always just a joy for me.

It's always so much fun to read over the stories of how each couple have met an fell in love. Through the good and the bad, they have made it to this day, and look forward to the near future when they get to join their lives together. So below you will find the finalists. All you have to do is read their stories. Tell all your family and friends to enter their nominations, spread the word....and send them here.....

The RULES for picking are as follows....
-One vote per person please.
-Submit your vote to KAMA@CANDIDKAMA.COM
-In the subject line it must say 'Amour'
-Number of the couple you are voting for.

Voting will take place from Friday, Feb 11, 2011 at 9a.m. till Sunday, Feb 13, 2011 at 5p.m.

The winning couple will be announced right here on the blog at 7p.m. on Monday, Feb 14, 2011. So stay tuned to see!

Drum roll please.............

Couple #1- Natalie and Nicholas
Our story isn't the greatest, but its a story!
One summer, Natalie was at a concert with one of her good buddies and girlfriend. After the concert they went out for some drinks at the local bar. Andrew (Natalie's buddy) invited one of his best friends to meet us all out. Before his buddy came out he asked Andrew if there was any "hot" girls out with him and Andrew responded, "one, and shes single." Nick was Andrew's buddy and he came out to the bar to meet us all. Nick and Natalie hit it off well that night and continued to hangout and get to know each other. Ever since that day, Nick and Natalie have been un-seperatable. Now, here we are as best friends, parents, and soon to be husband and wife. We have a precious 4 month old daughter, Hadlie.

We deserve this photography give-away because we love each other deeply, do what we can to help others, we are both hard workers, and everyday is a struggle to make it, especially raising a baby!

Couple #2- Katie and Seth
I was introduced to Seth by my ex-boyfriend. It was just a casual meeting, but since we were both involved in the same organization in college, I knew who he was already. About a year passed and we would have considered each other acquaintances but nothing further than that. Finally, I broke up with my boyfriend and he with his girlfriend, and somehow we ended up "chatting" on Facebook one day. (Ah, the romances of Facebook.) He asked me if I'd like to get coffee and I said "sure," thinking nothing of it. A week later we went out for fast food dinner and talked on a playground until 1am... but our relationship didn't start there. We were inseparable for weeks, claiming we were "just friends." We claimed it but no one believed us. Finally after about two months of our exclusive "friendship," he told me he'd like to pursue me in a dating relationship. Two years later, in that exact spot, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Couple #3- Kate and Jason

Jason and Kate have been dating since the 4th of July, 2005, when they met in Athens, OH. Kate’s parents are now retired and are looking to fulfill their lifelong dream of moving out West. While Kate and Jason are both thrilled for them, Kate can’t help but feel sad that her childhood home will no longer belong to the Kastenholz family. Jason was well aware of Kate’s sentimental feelings toward the town and her parents’ house. The couple was scheduled to visit Oberlin on a particular weekend in January when Kate’s sister and her boyfriend were in town visiting from Oregon, and Jason planned to use that weekend to ask Kate’s father for his blessing. Because there was a good chance that this would be the last time everyone would be together in that house, Jason decided that he would not only ask for her father’s blessing, but also ask Kate to marry him that same day. That night, Jason and Kate took their dog, Scarlet, for an after-dinner walk. They reminisced about memories of the neighborhood and town, and as the walk was coming to an end, Jason turned the conversation to their plans for the future. Jason stopped at the end of the driveway, pulled something from his pocket, got down on one knee (as Scarlet sat down next to him) and asked if Kate would marry “them.” Kate of course said yes, and as Jason was taking the ring out of the box, Scarlet popped-up in a prairie dog-like position to sniff the ring. Luckily she only wanted a good look at it and didn’t help herself to it!

Why choose us? We’re planning to do a somewhat non-traditional reception on 9/10/11 in that we’ll be having a nice dinner in a downtown restaurant, after which the group will head to the Big Bang piano bar for a night out on the town. The pictures Kama would be able capture at our unique event will surely stand out from the standard run of the mill wedding reception. Not only would our pictures help to build her portfolio, but they’ll also be fun and different for you all to look at!

Couple #4-Stephanie and Todd

Todd had dated my twin sister Steff for 8 years (9 years the month of their wedding). Todd and Steff were engaged on the 15th hole of The Nationwide Children's Hospital PGA tour.
Here’s the story:
Todd and I conspired a way to work in the proposal after the tournament action. With the help of a few friends, we would be able to get the message on the leader board! This was going to be great! But... just a couple days earlier, while trying to confirm details with me, Todd accidentally texted Steff instead of me! Misspelling the word “proposal”, Steff got a text asking if he could work in the “propodal” at the tournament. Clueless to any type of surprise, she kept asking what a “propodal” was. Our friends, who all knew of the plans, kept blowing her off with lame excuses and blank stares of stupidity. His fat fingers caused a huge fight the night before the tournament!
Still clueless to his plan and oblivious to all the action going on around her (literally our family and friends walking the golf course near her) we began our clean-up and way toward the green. At the 15th hole, Todd impatiently kept waving us over. Steff, still texting people and not paying attention what-so-ever, was annoyed when Todd called her to the green. Even after his LARGE question was displayed on the leader board, she was still clueless (really, I swear she's not a dingbat!). Our friends & family walked over the hillside to congrat everyone as she cried a waterfall. They even made the Sports Channel news, where she was "bleeped" for saying "oh s$#%!" on national tv! I don't think she even answered him until a few hours later!
There you have it......there are the get busy and send in your votes and check back here on Valentines Day to see who won!!! It's up to you, your family and friends to make the decision on who will win!!

Good Luck!