Sunday, August 5, 2012
Kristen's Boudoir Session
Earlier this summer, my cousin Kristen met up with me for her Boudoir session as a surprise wedding gift for her fiancee. We had such a good time catching up and talking about the future. 

Kristen had so many beautiful images that it was hard to limit them to share. I tend to keep my Boudoir sessions private and don't really share them unless for a possible client who wants to see my work.

Kristen was gracious enough to allow me to share her images. I wanted to share several of them, but that is for Matty's eye's only. 

But if you are interested in a Boudoir session or want information about it, please let me know.
Thanks again Kristen for such a lovely time and some beautiful images.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks again, Kama! Matty loved the album you put together! I must admit that I was a little nervous to do the boudoir session, but the whole session was done with such respect and class that I was put at ease from the moment we started shooting! It was such a good experience and the perfect gift to give Matty before our wedding!!